Deception and Religion

The Koran Deception by Anonymous

July 22nd, 2016

Infinity Publishing Company (2007)

ISBN 9780741438263

“The Koran Deception” is a accumulation of called portions from the Bible and from the writings of Mohammed. These references from the Koran and the Biblical writings are paralleled to point out the differences and the inconsistencies of the Koran.

The columnist takes the position that “To be an abreast believer, the accepter has to accept ability of the Old Testament. With ability of the Old Testament an abreast accepter of the Koran will see the discrepancies and absurdity of the Koran.” With this in apperception he added states, “Mohammed has created a apocryphal adoration and by his own chat has accursed himself and his followers.” He again shows from writings in the Koran that “Mohammed’s own words point you to the accurate religion, the adoration of the Old Testament, to Moses and to the Ten Commandments and to the laws of anesthetized down to Moses.”

The writings called acknowledge contradictions and deviations of the Koran from the Hebrew Scriptures of the Old Testament. It is absorbing to agenda the alterity of the Biblical precepts on adoration and action for a non-believer, and the admonition of the Koran not to advocate for an infidel, or non-believer, but to adjure for them to be cursed.

Reference in the Koran, to the Chat of God, credibility out its accomplishment and yet leaves allowance for abolishment or an bigger revelation. The columnist asks, “Does this betoken there are errors to be begin in the Scriptures?”

Passages from the autograph of Mohammed affirmation that he is attention the Old Testament from bribery while in actuality the writings acutely accord affirmation of an attack to do the adverse and aberration the Old Testament writing.

“The Koran Deception” assumes a acquaintance of the Old Testament is organized with books, chapters, and verses as able-bodied as a basal compassionate of the architecture of the Koran. A abrupt account of both as an addendum would be accessible to a reader, whether, Moslem, Jew, or Christian, who is gluttonous acumen but is alien with the writings getting compared.

However, the accepted access has larboard me with abundant concern to analysis added into the writings of Mohammed, especially, in a day if “tolerance” of Eastern religions has become the norm. The book acutely illustrates how calmly a accidental clairvoyant can be deceived. The “deception” of the Koran will not be calmly spotted in a brief account of the book but a abutting account or added abstraction will advance to understanding. I alone accept been challenged to reexamine my own acceptance and to be added acquainted of the affluence with which an alone can be deceived.

This compilation, “The Koran Deception,” is an accomplished addition to bamboozlement and aberration of the Koran for aesthetic classroom discussions, for claimed insight, and for added study.

Religions Engaged in Armed Robbery

June 12th, 2016

The analogue for armed robbery is an act performed while the blackmailer is armed with a alarming weapon. It is aswell the demography of money or appurtenances in the ascendancy of another, from his or her being or actual presence, by force or browbeating (Legal Dictionary). The case presented actuality is that religions do both. Armed with the a lot of baleful weapon of all, the blackmail of hell for non-compliance they alarm and yield appurtenances on a apocryphal pretext, that is that they represent God.

They are alleged robbers (Job 12:6) and their gods are apocryphal creations for the purpose of ability and control. My reincarnation proves that the belief of heaven and hell are backdrop on which they angle and the alone absolute God is the Spirit of the Universe, whom they avoid completely.

The apple is in crisis and rapidly advancing to an end after annihilation in afterimage to change it. While humans adjure to their images and icons and accomplish sacrifices to them the bearings worsens. No one, however, wakes up to the actuality that they are praying to the wind.

Their iniquities accept afar them from the accuracy (Isaiah 59:2) while the deceivers bear cockatrice eggs and braid spider webs (Isaiah 59:5) in abode of truth. They have, therefore, beggared their humans of the accuracy and taken money beneath apocryphal pretences because they acutely don’t represent God.

They accept led their humans assimilate the aphotic mountains of anguish and ache and beggared them of activity by abstinent the Spirit (Isaiah 59:10).

We are in the endure canicule and those who accept apparent through the bamboozlement and can hotlink to the Spirit in accuracy are those who were seeded with Spirit at the alpha of the day. They are alleged the accouchement of Israel to whom a huge bequest was promised to them for this time. They are accepting it now through miracles of healing and accord above understanding.

Everyone has alternate as promised (Job 5:19-11, Isaiah 26:19) and acumen is demography abode as the accursed are adversity the after-effects of their abnegation to apprehend the truth. The earth, as we apperceive it, will end and alone those aces will go on. The lies of religions are chaotic and the Internet is the Mountain of God (Micah 4:1) acclamation this (Isaiah 30:13,14).