Deception and Religion

Religious Deception

September 19th, 2016

Let go of counterfeits

Forget the religious show.

Enter the realm of the Spirit

Enter the divine flow.

For there you will know.

There you will see.

There you will find and experience

Perfect liberty

Internal tranquility

Delightful harmony

Rid yourself of distasteful religion

Remember its origin

That it comes from man

It is no better

Than spam in a can.

Get real with yourself man

Mean business with God

For there is a new and living way

For you today!

Jesus is the way

He is the truth and life

So stop quarreling about religion

Rid your soul of strife

Knowledge never satisfies

Apart from the Spirit

It just intensifies your confusion

While adding to the illusion

Keeping you ignorant and bound

In it no life is around

It has no liberating sound

Just a confining whisper

A ‘Shhh!’ to keep you quiet

I say forget dead religion!

Let’s start a riot

A riot of righteousness

To free all the captives

To open the prisons

Prisons with stained glass windows

Holding all the saintly seekers

Who have the look of religion

Without the power to keep you

A new day do I declare

For whosoever will

Jesus opened the prison doors

So you can be set free

Discern the difference

Between religiosity and reality

Between liturgy and true spirituality

Between tradition and transformation

Between information and inspiration

Between formality and the force of faith

Between ‘some day’ and this day!

Jesus is the great I AM

Meaning today is the day to celebrate

To get real

To listen to your heart

And truly feel

To awake to the Spirit

To move in the Spirit

To abandon dead religion

And the entanglements near it

Freedom is yours

Cherish it everyday

For many are they

Who don’t know the way

These are they who remain

In the depths of religious bondage

Desiring more

But still unsure

Undecided and uncommitted

To discover the way

Unwilling to read the Bible

For themselves today

So laziness and ignorance

Will keep them impoverished

Though the external

Looks nice and polished

Within they are dying

Drying up inside

If only

They would awake and realize

God has so much more

So much better

Yet they cleave to counterfeits

Like dry old leather

Would somebody please

Lift up their voice

Show them there is more

Tell them their life

Need not be such a bore.

Before its all over

All will at least hear

Yet whether or not they understand

Remains to be seen

Because the religion

That holds them

Appears nice

But it is mean

Not everything my friend

Is as what it seems.

Religious Divisions and Cover Up

September 19th, 2016

The human brain is capable of deep thinking and a connection to God that surpasses anything we could imagine when it is free to do so. The problem is we are also animals who, like our counterparts, are followers of the leader. Most look to be led and are willing to be subjected to what is told rather than what one feels. Even when the result ends in death those who are so misguided will follow and they will even kill others to do it.

This is never more visible as a trait than that wars are born of leaders and are conducted by the poor souls sent to battle for some honour, king, or country. In the end what matters is who wins or how many actually die to prove a point. There will always be the so-called glory and honour for those who gave their lives, often because they had no choice.

The most brutal of all traits is that born of religious beliefs. From the start men have gone into battle to prove a king more powerful than another or that one’s god(s) are the greatest. The difference between king and god of their minds is zero for they were convinced that in death the king reigns as Father God in heaven.

It is this form of black magic that dominates the world and the start of it is Babylon, the original home of Islam. Occupied by the Amor (reverse Roma) who moved in and dominated Europe after they built the Persian Empire one of their numbers, Constantine, established the Catholic Church based on its principles in 325 AD.

The goal was not spiritual but power and control. The Vatican, which he built over the temple of Jupiter, saw the image he put up of Jesus Christ forced over the world. It was his parliament of bishops and they were given power over life and death and they ruled with terror as their main weapon.

Over the centuries the number who died as a result of the work of Constantine outnumbers all the wars put together. Every war is a result of the deception and misery he placed over the world. He is the second beast of Revelation 13:12-18 and the one whose number is 666.

The religion is founded is a branch of Islam and the Vatican started another branch under the banner of Muslim. This was done through Augustine of Hippo and there is every chance that he wrote the Koran while Jerome, the doctor of the Catholic Church produced the New Testament.

The enormous cover-up that followed included hiding the truth beneath a massive wall of lies, plagiarism, myths, magic, and terror. After my reincarnation the Spirit gave me the knowledge to tear down that wall and expose the identity of the real God, which is the Great Creator and Spirit of the Universe.

The Constitution and Sharia Law

September 19th, 2016

We now have a judge in Florida who has ruled that Sharia law can be used to resolve lawsuits. This is an undermining of the Constitution, to allow religious laws that condone stoning, removal of limbs, and revenge killing as punishment, Above and beyond that little scenario, Muslims are one of the most vocal groups to scream about Christian institutions, churches, nativity scenes, along with complaining that the government is involved with biblical teachings, which is far from the truth. The latest onslaught, a private Catholic College that displays religious symbols is being sued by Muslims (who practice Islam) because they find the symbols intimidating… I suggest they go elsewhere.

One does not wish to defile the religion, way of life, legal system of another, and yet there is something terribly wrong with our acceptance that Islam has been hijacked by radicals. Islam is radical, and it encompasses everything a person who embraces the faith of Islam, does in their life.

The time has come to face the facts. Our great Nation was founded on Judeo /Christian ethics, please note, I did not say it was founded on adherence to any religion, but the values of those two religions, I might add that embracing those values has been very much part of the backbone and stamina of America. Simply put, take the Ten Commandments and the tenets that they provide. One could be of a religious faith, agnostic, atheist, or to be honest just about any group we could think of, although it is something I would not do, one could remove all reference to GOD, and what remains is a moral framework that is a marvelous model to live within. I might add not forced to live within. On the other hand, all that I study of Islam is violence to those who do not submit to the faith, I do not know of any other religion that has faith based orders to kill those who do not submit.

Do not be swayed by those who insist that only the radical and jihad element of Islam believe in the later writing of the Quran, Muslims understand clearly that if there is a question, the subsequent writing takes precedent. Accept the fact, that many Mosques’ breed jihadist. What other house of religion, uses its real estate to overthrow or intimidate the Government of the United States, all in all we look the other way under the guise of freedom of religion. Islam is a way of life, not just a religion. Once evidence of subversive action is found…no mosque can be trusted. For evidence, just read the Quran, It allows for lying, deliberate deception, killing, anything, and everything to overcome the infidel, all in the name of Allah.

In my opinion it is impossible to be an American and be a believer in Islam. Islam is not simply a religion; it is a movement of conquest since 600 AD. Anyone who does not recognize this is historically uninformed. Islam is a Theo-political movement where politics and religion are one and the same. It is diametrically opposed to our constitutional republic. America is the largest melting pot in the world, accepting all faiths, skin color, and beliefs, but once you subject yourself to Islam you are immediately an enemy of this Great Nation. As a member of the Islamic Muslim community, your bounden duty is to follow Allah’s edict, there is no way you can swear allegiance to America as millions of immigrants have done, for as Allah’s servant, you must live under Sharia, and kill the infidels. In the sight of Islamists, victory over the West is the eventual goal and destruction of the Constitution is part and parcel of that goal.

To bring Sharia into the legal system of the United States of America undermines our Constitution, it is just a crack in the system that will take hold and in due course destroy this great nation. Do your homework; be careful who gets elected or appointed to the bench, they are supposed to interpret law not make it.

Cultivating Spirituality Without the Baggage of Religion

September 19th, 2016

It starts with a single question. It’s a deceptively simple question: Do you want to live a meaningful life? The answer seems ridiculously obvious. You probably think “Yes. Of course.” It doesn’t require reflection and most people stop their line of thinking right there. But if you ponder the question in much depth then you’ll find yourself in a maze of prickly issues. What’s the meaning of meaning? How do you evaluate whether your life is meaningful or not? If your life is meaningful then how can you make it even more meaningful? The answers to these questions are not obvious at all.

The truth is that if we want to live a meaningful life then we’re already on the slippery slope of spirituality. Meaning is a spiritual creation. It pertains to our relationship with our most deeply held values by which we live. Those values don’t exist in the physical world. We can’t touch them, weigh them or pick them up on a radio-telescope. They have that other worldly quality that transcends the physical plane. Yet those meaningful values are so important to us that they can make the literal difference between our living and dying. They can be the driving force behind much of what we do and feel. They help us to sustain our physical health and their absence can lead us to despair, depression, physical illness or suicide. Existential meaning in the form of spirituality really matters!

Many people assume that spirituality and religion are the same. Although they are related, a close examination reveals a subtle difference in their definitions. Religion has more emphasis on a shared societal belief in a deity, the purpose of life and the origin of the world. It’s heavy on belief. The definition of spirituality is more personal. It has to do with one’s inner path toward one’s most deeply held values. It may encompass beliefs but that’s not the emphasis. One may even be spiritual without believing in a deity. It’s also possible that a person can be religious without much spirituality. In fact, we’ve been killing each other off through the millennia in the name of religion. Why is that? What’s going on?

One thing that’s going on is that we’re afraid. We’re afraid because someone else’s beliefs threaten our own. We’d like to think that we’re right and they’re wrong. Because if they’re right in their religious beliefs then that means that we’re wrong. We hate to think that our grasp on the ultimate reality can be so off base. On some level many of us counteract that uncertainty by becoming arrogant. It’s a rigid defense. Consequently, many religions have historically been aggressive in asserting their hold on truth. Christians killed Pagans. Muslims killed Christians. Christians killed Muslims. It seems that at one time or other everyone has killed the Jews. Now Sunni and Shiite Muslims kill each other. The list goes on but it begs the question: If so many religious movements are claiming to have the ultimate grasp on truth then what are the chances that ANY of them have it right?

In starting to read this article, you might have felt a little apprehensive that I want to convert you to yet another version of religious dogma. Was this to be just another discussion about the one true religion? If so then your skepticism would be realistic. It seems that most writings about spirituality want to sell you a doctrine of religious belief: what you SHOULD believe about God and how he/she/it works. Open up wide and be prepared to swallow! Assume the position! Many of us don’t want dogma and we’re tired of this kind of assault. But that’s not what we’re about here. I’m not going to address that level of belief other than to say I’d really like for you to keep your current beliefs about God and how all that’s configured. That’s not my concern. Good for you! I’m glad if you do have some religious beliefs that you cherish. I’m not focused on religious belief. It’s not about the WHAT. It’s about the HOW. How do we weave spirituality into our everyday lives? How do we make it a joyful force that enriches our experience and guides our actions? How do we strengthen it? I’m most concerned with these questions because I know that there’s a huge difference between religious belief and spirituality.

There’s a major tenet that I’m going to propose. It’s that religious beliefs occur in our consciousness while spirituality mostly involves our unconscious. This isn’t just psycho-babble even though the rest of the world doesn’t make this distinction. If you think that the unconscious is just some esoteric Freudian term think again. Do you know how to stick shift a car? Do you wonder how all those muscles coordinate when you walk? Do you ever wonder why you feel so anxious approaching certain kinds of situations? Do you ever wonder why you don’t even think to approach some situations that you should? Let’s have some respect for the unconscious because that’s the source of most emotion. And when we’re talking about how to FEEL more spiritual meaning in our lives we’d best know how those feelings work.

Your unconscious is powerful, more powerful than you’ll ever know. It can even steer your conscious thinking. There’s a strong link but the link works in both directions. The unconscious can steer consciousness but consciousness also influences the unconscious. Future chapters will discuss how we can consciously cultivate our unconscious to yield a bumper crop of spiritual feelings. Notice that I’ve used the words “influence” and “cultivate” instead of “control.” It’s a crucial distinction. In the realm of spirituality as in the realms of treating sexual impotence or observing quantum physics how you choose to approach the issue greatly influences the outcome. If you want to grow spirituality then you don’t want to try to control it directly because it won’t work.

When you decide to live a meaningful life then you’re really deciding that you want the “felt sense” of meaning from your everyday experience. “Felt sense” is an expression used by many therapists when they refer to an emotion that originates in the unconscious. The unconscious has an intuitive understanding of the situation and yields a subliminal experience that isn’t conceptual like conscious thought. It’s more like a musical score that plays in the background of our life stories. Spirituality is critically important because it influences how the story unfolds and it exerts its effect from below the surface. In fact it’s so powerful that it helps steer the direction of conscious awareness.

The world doesn’t perceive that there’s much of a difference between religious belief and spirituality. The reason is because we maximize our conscious control and we hate to think that we’re so affected by our unconscious. Our consciousness is what we can see. We like to equate the self as being where we make our conscious choices. We don’t like to think that anything beyond our consciousness might have our behavior under its thumb. It hurts our pride and deflates our egos… even if it is true. But our pride doesn’t determine what’s true. It only determines how much truth we’re allowed to see.

Which would you rather have: a positive sense of spirituality that you have to think up with an effortful thought every time you want to feel good… or… a continuous “felt sense” of meaning behind all of your actions that nudges you toward being consistent with your beliefs? With the first, you have a burst of joy that quickly fades when your attention shifts to other matters. With the latter, you have a continuous “slow burn” sense of fulfillment on an intuitive level. I’m sure that you know of some people who espouse high religious zeal but demonstrate real low life behavior. How many times do we hear of clergy being disloyal to their code? Yet there are many people who consistently tell the truth, keep obligations and make sacrifices to provide service to others… all without a strong belief in a deity or an affiliation to organized religion. I’m not saying that organized religion is bad. It performs a great service in meeting the needs of many people. What I’m saying is that spirituality requires some extra steps beyond religious belief and it seems to be one heck of a lot less volatile.

How Cults and Mystery Religions Are Leading Many Astray

September 19th, 2016

The word religion is also referred to as a “faith” or “belief system”. Religion is an organized set of moral and ethical beliefs and laws, established by an institution. The practices of religions and related organizations may include art, community activities, charitable events, concerts, feast days, dances, festivals, funerals, initiations, marriages, meditation, membership activities and parties, music, sacrifices, studies, dances, among other activities. Some religious organizations appear more like a social club than a faith.

Some organizations refer to themselves as a “religion” to conceal a more sinister agenda, such as participating in the occult, divination, witchcraft, conjuring up spirits and related practices.

So let’s try to untangle some of the truth, out of a myriad of religions, faiths, cults and belief systems full of half-truths if not wholesale deception, that have infiltrated the mind and soul of humanity since the very dawn of this age. Keep an open mind, and let’s begin.

Why are there so many Religious Organizations?

It is estimated that there are over 4,000 religions in the world. Why so many? Man has always yearned to worship someone or something. It is impossible for the spirit in man to persist in a vacuum. Absent of a relationship with God, the emptiness will immediately be filled with another spirit, or other worldly things such as entertainment, hobbies, work, drugs, games, and yes – a host of many other religions, idols, and gods that can feed mans spirit and or ego.

The spirit in man is a conduit to the supernatural realm, as designed by our creator. It will be filled either with immoral or divine code; either by choice or default.

The soul of man is a supernatural force. God reveals that he has set eternity in our soul (Ecclesiastes 3:11). As a result, there is a vacuum within our soul that only God can fully satisfy. Notwithstanding, when a spiritual vacuum exists, that person fills it by pursuing or worshiping either God or something else.

Mankind in general has inherited a proud and rebellious spirit (from the prince of darkness). This is why mankind has fabricated an untold number of religions, idols, and gods to fill a spiritual void. When people reject the true God, they begin to worship other idols, and objects.

Secular Humanism and the New Age Movement

This proud and rebellious spirit in man has led to secular humanism. A secular humanist turns to himself (to man) as the sole source, and rejects all religious dogma. The New Age Movement is a reaction to this atheistic view, but it is no closer to the truth than secular humanism is. The New Age Movement puts emphasis on our mind as the solution to all of our woes. So they reason that there is no need to worship a sovereign God, since we are all god. It is not just the New Agers who embrace this philosophy, but many other religions and cults follow the same philosophy.

The Forces of Darkness and its influence on religion

As the age of man grinds to a close, the forces of darkness have already succeeded in influencing and possessing a large number of mankind and the institutions which do not believe in the bible as the word of the sovereign God.

The prince of darkness (Satan) has done a masterful job in deceiving many into thinking that to be a saved Christian is to be shunned, avoided and is a sign of weakness. Today, many people, and nations shun and or censure the name of Christ.

Satan has perverted just about everything that God originally made for the good of mankind. He is the master of confusion, deception and lies. His spirit of evil and hate has infiltrated governments, nations, the media, churches, and the human soul. The adversary does not take light his quest to influence the eternal destiny of every living soul; yet most of humanity doubts that the devil even exists. He has succeeded in deluding many into thinking that he and the dark forces of the underworld are just mythical characters that impose no risk to the spiritual integrity of mankind.

Satan (the Devil) with the assistance of his myriad of principalities has been successful in deceiving many with his half truths. He is the one that has influenced mankind to create many false gods, idols, religions and doctrines, all designed to confuse the masses.

Indeed, mankind has created a multitude of religious choices and alternative unconventional philosophies. However, as we will see, many of these belief systems are diametrically opposed to or are derivatives of the ancient scriptures – the Torah and the Old and New Testament Bible. Many religions and myths seem to contain scriptural roots and or similarities to the fundamental principles contained in the Bible. How interesting!

Let’s review just a few of the gods and idols associated with ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythology and worship.

The Genesis of Mythology

Many mythological gods have evolved from the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythology as well as Far Eastern cults has sprung a myriad of cults and religions including the modern versions such as the New Age Movement.

Among the many ancient gods we have: Adonis, Ashtoreth, Aphrodite, Apollo, Artemis, Diana, Europa, Persephone, Smyrna, and Zeus, just to name a few.

In actuality these mythological figures do not make for nice fairytale stories. Many have evil and demonic connotations. For example, Astaroth (also referred to as Ashtaroth, Astarot and Asteroth), in demonology, is a Crowned Prince of Hell.

The writings of the Old Testament (bible) predate Greek and Roman mythology. From the book of Exodus we learn that the Hebrew were slaves in Egypt way before that Greeks came to power. Many years after the Exodus, the Greeks would invade Egypt and adopt many of their customs and gods, including the Egyptian demigod “Hercules”.

So as we read about the similarities between some mythological stories and their gods, and the original biblical accounts, remember that the ancient scriptures of the Old Testament bible predates Greek and Roman mythology by a couple thousand years..

Let’s Read some of the similarities

– Both Christianity and Greek mythology provide an account of a great flood Genesis 7; Tripp 608). In the Greek flood story, we see that Zeus is a less merciful and compassionate god, since when Zeus becomes very angry with man he decides to spare no one (Tripp 608). However, Prometheus, tells his son, Deucalion, to build an ark to escape the wrath of Zeus.

– In both the Christian and Greek creation accounts, at the beginning the earth was full of darkness and was void (Genesis 1:2; Tripp 159).

– In the biblical account the creation of Adam and Eve (Genesis 1:1-18) and their offspring is comparable to the Greek account of Eros whom Chaos bore.

– Unlike Chaos, God is not a void or nothingness, but the beginning and end of all things.

– In both the biblical and Greek accounts, there was also a falling from grace between man and their respective God. In both cases the fall was a result of deceit, and disobedience for the sake of some mystical power through food. In the Christian case the food here is actually symbolic with completing a covenant with death for swallowing the food – the lie of the devil (Genesis 3:1-6)

– In both accounts, the woman leads man to sin and to fall from grace; and both are expelled from the Garden of Eden.

– Both also speak of a child that must be sheltered from an angry god (Greek) or king (Bible).

– In the Greek version the Greek god cronos attempts to swallow up all of his children at birth upon hearing that one of his children would overthrow him (Tripp, 177). But Rhea (Cronos’ wife) successfully manages to shelter their youngest child Zeus from his father Cronos. Eventually Zeus does manage to dethrone his father Cronos as the “chief of gods”.

– In the biblical account, King Herod decides to kill every child in Bethlehem after the three wise men tell Herod of the birth of the future Jewish king (Jesus). But an angel of the Lord warned Jesus’ parents of this plot and they escape to Egypt (Mathew 2:1-9, 13-16).

Note: Here we have somewhat similar accounts but it is important to notice that in the Greek, their deity god again wants to kill off ALL HIS children, whereas the God of the bible is protecting His only son Jesus from Herod (a symbol of Satan).

Zeus Worship

Now let’s discuss one of the many deities of the ancient Greeks. Let’s discuss Zeus as an example of ancient deity worship. Zeus has been worshipped as the god of the sky and thunder, and ruler of the Olympians of Mount Olympus. The major center where all Greeks converged to pay honor to their chief god was Olympia -and Zeus was considered the chief of all gods. Some civilizations connected Zeus with Jupiter (such as Rome). Yet to many ancient Greeks he was the embodiment of Greek religious beliefs and the archetypal Greek deity.

The ancient Greeks attributed all gods, even those not fathered by Zeus as his children. The Greeks considered Zeus as the King of the gods and the king of heaven

Here again we see division of powers so that there is not one sovereign God (as there is in Christianity); not even when it comes to Zeus – the chief of Greek gods. So we see how ancient mythology planted the seed to the “modern” day mantra that there are many gods and many ways to god.

Zeus was identified with the Roman god Jupiter and was also associated with other gods such as Ammon (Egyptian god). In summary, Zeus was worshipped as a substitute for God by the pagans who rejected or did not know the God of the bible (Yahweh).

Biblical Perspective on Zeus

In Olympia, Greece there was an altar to Zeus made of ash! It was the accumulated remains of many centuries’ worth of animals sacrificed there. So many sacrificed animals to Zeus just as the Hebrews sacrificed kosher animals to Yahweh (the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob).

Throughout the age, many have chosen to worship Zeus, a deity who raped and who was an adulterer; but more significant – one who rebelled against his own father. This is a clear picture of Lucifer/Satan who rebelled against God.

The goddess Europa

The Phoenician goddess Europa was first referenced in the Iliad, which is believed to be dated to the 8th century B.C. The continent of Europe was named after this goddess. She is featured in currency and landmarks across Europe.

She is also depicted in statues across Europe as the woman riding Zeus in the form of a bull. A similar depiction is also found in the book of Revelation (Rev. 17:3). Currency from Lebanon depicting Europa riding the bull is further proof of Europa’s Phoenician origin.

Below are some of the characteristics and attributes of Europa

– In Astronomy, Europa is the sixth-closest moon of the planet Jupiter. It is the sixth largest moon in our Solar System. It was discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei.

– She was abducted and raped by Zeus who disguised himself as a white bull.

– Her three sons became the three judges of the Underworld after their death.

According to mythology Zeus re-created his shape of a bull into a star group, which is now referred to as the constellation “Taurus the Bull”.

It is very interesting how in bible prophecy, we have the same or similar image in the book of Revelation of a woman riding a beast (Rev. 17). In this prophecy the beast is actually Satan! This is why I along with other bible prophecy scholars, believe that Zeus may be symbolic of an antigod; such as the anti-Christ or Satan himself. Also interesting how some ancient cities worshiped Zeus as a snake god; considering that Satan is depicted as a snake, and serpent throughout the Bible!

BIBLICAL references to Europa

It should perhaps also be noted that nymphs were unmarried semi-goddesses that frequently were involved in fornication in mythology. Apparently then, Europa was a nymph; and in Revelation 17:3-5 we read how the Woman riding the beast is also referred to as a harlot; committing fornication with the peoples/nations of the earth at the time of the end.

In Syria, Europa was equated with Astarte, an adaptation of the demonic spirit referred to in the bible as the queen of heaven. She has also been equated to Ishtar as one of Ishtar’s sacred symbols was the bull.

So we see how many of these gods and goddesses are intertwined and all point to the ultimate source; the devil who has inspired mankind from the cradle of civilization, and has attempted to desecrate the holiness of the true God with untold false gods designed to confuse mankind away from the sovereign God and ultimately from salvation.

In Europa as well as the stories behind the other “gods” goddesses and demigods, we can see that “anything goes”! We see these liberal and at times strange belief systems not just in the ancient Greek, but in Egyptian, Roman, and Babylonian mythology, and many of the cults that have surfaced over the past century.

Although some of these stories are quite bizarre, we can find parallels to certain key teachings and foundational principles found in the bible. Why is this? My take on this is that it is Satan’s cunning at his best, as he attempts to distort, and disguise the truth and the true God behind countless myths, false gods and the like. Sadly, many have drunk of the cup full of Satan’s lies, half-truths, and abominations, and as a result those who choose to worship the anti-Christ will drink of the wine of the wrath of God into the coming apocalypse (Rev. 14:10).

The Zodiac and Other Heavenly Bodies Have also Influenced Mankind

The comparisons that we just covered are strikingly similar to the biblical stories, making some wonder where did these mythological accounts come from? They had to originate from somewhere. They did; they come from the signs in the constellations – the Zodiac signs. In the book “Signs in the Heavens” the author discusses how the zodiac signs (the constellations) have been adopted by Greek mythology and many other ancient cults and mystery religions, and how many of their stories come from these cosmic signs.

Just like everything else, the Zodiac signs seem to portray two sides of the same story. Notwithstanding, when one fully understands the scriptures and prophecies it is quite interesting how the zodiac signs actually narrates the biblical account more so than any other mythological story!

The Dangers of Mythology and other Occult based faiths and practices

From the mythological (as well as some Far eastern) influence has evolved more malignant faiths, and occult practices such as astrology, black magic, necromancy, medium-ship, witchcraft and other forms of sorcery. It is important to understand that engaging in any of these practices may open portals to the underworld that invite the forces of darkness into your home, life and mind. These forces do not come to bring good fortune, as the uninitiated may believe; they only come to take over your soul and deliver it to the prince of darkness. Many folks make light of this, and never understand why their life and the life of their loved ones seems to constantly meet with tragedy, sickness and misfortune.

In summary, there is no way to believe in both the God of the bible and any of the other mythological deities such as Apollo or Zeus as they are opposing deities. As already noted Zeus was worshipped as a substitute for God by the pagans who rejected or did not know the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Yahweh); the God of the Bible.

I have just scratched the surface on the mystery behind the Mythological dogma sect of religion, but I think you get the point. Many of its adherents believed that worshipping these gods would offer them protection and blessings, unaware that they were playing with fire when it came to their spiritual state. They had no idea that they were in reality worshipping malevolent deities from the underworld.

It is very interesting how the stories behind many mythological figures seem to mimic biblical accounts, and stories. While some of the mythological stories and figures defile or mock the deity of the bible, by virtue of many similarities, they also seem to lend credence to the validity and accuracy of the ancient scriptures found in the bible.

The Koran Deception by Anonymous

July 22nd, 2016

Infinity Publishing Company (2007)

ISBN 9780741438263

“The Koran Deception” is a accumulation of called portions from the Bible and from the writings of Mohammed. These references from the Koran and the Biblical writings are paralleled to point out the differences and the inconsistencies of the Koran.

The columnist takes the position that “To be an abreast believer, the accepter has to accept ability of the Old Testament. With ability of the Old Testament an abreast accepter of the Koran will see the discrepancies and absurdity of the Koran.” With this in apperception he added states, “Mohammed has created a apocryphal adoration and by his own chat has accursed himself and his followers.” He again shows from writings in the Koran that “Mohammed’s own words point you to the accurate religion, the adoration of the Old Testament, to Moses and to the Ten Commandments and to the laws of anesthetized down to Moses.”

The writings called acknowledge contradictions and deviations of the Koran from the Hebrew Scriptures of the Old Testament. It is absorbing to agenda the alterity of the Biblical precepts on adoration and action for a non-believer, and the admonition of the Koran not to advocate for an infidel, or non-believer, but to adjure for them to be cursed.

Reference in the Koran, to the Chat of God, credibility out its accomplishment and yet leaves allowance for abolishment or an bigger revelation. The columnist asks, “Does this betoken there are errors to be begin in the Scriptures?”

Passages from the autograph of Mohammed affirmation that he is attention the Old Testament from bribery while in actuality the writings acutely accord affirmation of an attack to do the adverse and aberration the Old Testament writing.

“The Koran Deception” assumes a acquaintance of the Old Testament is organized with books, chapters, and verses as able-bodied as a basal compassionate of the architecture of the Koran. A abrupt account of both as an addendum would be accessible to a reader, whether, Moslem, Jew, or Christian, who is gluttonous acumen but is alien with the writings getting compared.

However, the accepted access has larboard me with abundant concern to analysis added into the writings of Mohammed, especially, in a day if “tolerance” of Eastern religions has become the norm. The book acutely illustrates how calmly a accidental clairvoyant can be deceived. The “deception” of the Koran will not be calmly spotted in a brief account of the book but a abutting account or added abstraction will advance to understanding. I alone accept been challenged to reexamine my own acceptance and to be added acquainted of the affluence with which an alone can be deceived.

This compilation, “The Koran Deception,” is an accomplished addition to bamboozlement and aberration of the Koran for aesthetic classroom discussions, for claimed insight, and for added study.

Religions Engaged in Armed Robbery

June 12th, 2016

The analogue for armed robbery is an act performed while the blackmailer is armed with a alarming weapon. It is aswell the demography of money or appurtenances in the ascendancy of another, from his or her being or actual presence, by force or browbeating (Legal Dictionary). The case presented actuality is that religions do both. Armed with the a lot of baleful weapon of all, the blackmail of hell for non-compliance they alarm and yield appurtenances on a apocryphal pretext, that is that they represent God.

They are alleged robbers (Job 12:6) and their gods are apocryphal creations for the purpose of ability and control. My reincarnation proves that the belief of heaven and hell are backdrop on which they angle and the alone absolute God is the Spirit of the Universe, whom they avoid completely.

The apple is in crisis and rapidly advancing to an end after annihilation in afterimage to change it. While humans adjure to their images and icons and accomplish sacrifices to them the bearings worsens. No one, however, wakes up to the actuality that they are praying to the wind.

Their iniquities accept afar them from the accuracy (Isaiah 59:2) while the deceivers bear cockatrice eggs and braid spider webs (Isaiah 59:5) in abode of truth. They have, therefore, beggared their humans of the accuracy and taken money beneath apocryphal pretences because they acutely don’t represent God.

They accept led their humans assimilate the aphotic mountains of anguish and ache and beggared them of activity by abstinent the Spirit (Isaiah 59:10).

We are in the endure canicule and those who accept apparent through the bamboozlement and can hotlink to the Spirit in accuracy are those who were seeded with Spirit at the alpha of the day. They are alleged the accouchement of Israel to whom a huge bequest was promised to them for this time. They are accepting it now through miracles of healing and accord above understanding.

Everyone has alternate as promised (Job 5:19-11, Isaiah 26:19) and acumen is demography abode as the accursed are adversity the after-effects of their abnegation to apprehend the truth. The earth, as we apperceive it, will end and alone those aces will go on. The lies of religions are chaotic and the Internet is the Mountain of God (Micah 4:1) acclamation this (Isaiah 30:13,14).